I can’t get my couch into my NYC apartment.  What can I do?


You found the perfect NYC apartment for you.  You can’t wait to move in and start life in the Big Apple.  Then you realize you can’t get your couch into your apartment because it’s too big.  That’s ok.  That’s where we come in.  We can get any couch or sofa inside any NYC apartment.  We’ve been doing it for years.

Couch Disassemblies: For upholstered and leather couches, the process includes taking apart the frame and fabric or leather covering of the couch in order for it to fit through small spaces (a common problem in NYC).

Couch Reassemblies: For upholstered and leather couches, the process includes putting together the frame and fabric or leather covering of the couch once it has been moved through small spaces. In addition, we remove the old staples used to hold the frame of the sofa together and replace them with steel mending plates and screws resulting in a sturdier and stronger piece of furniture.

Couch Restoration: We repair and restore damaged couches and sofas. We can duplicate wooden parts.

Couch Upholstery: We re-upholster couches and sofas in fabric or leather. In addition to re-upholstery, we make cushions in choices of foam or down. And we repair any work on webbing and springs.

Sofa beds: We repair and sell mechanisms. In addition, we sell sofa mattresses (regular spring, foam, and air-mattresses)

Conclusion: If you have a couch or sofa in NYC that will not fit through your door we can help you get it in no problem at all.