Dear Z Brothers,
When I couldn’t fit my custom leather sofa onto the second floor of my house after I bought it, I was mortified. All that money spent and I couldn’t enjoy my dream couch. After some research of different sofa disassembly services, you guys came with the longest history, the best reputation, best professional write-ups, and the fact that you pick up the factory warranty after you work on the sofa (something no one else does)… for all of these reasons, I decided to go with you.
Despite my fears of my baby leather sofa getting ripped apart and put back together again like Frankenstein, none of my friends and family can tell that you removed the back and arm of the sofa to bring it to the second floor! Your service was quick, friendly, clean. Thank you, Z Brothers!!

Wendy Kramer, The Bronx, NY

“I used Z Brothers Furniture Service to move an antique armoire in my home. This piece is a family heirloom, and I was extremely concerned about how they would get it up my narrow staircase, without damaging the piece. I found dealing with Z Brothers to be a pleasure throughout the entire process. The customer service people were prompt to return my call, and were knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions. The technicians who arrived were professional and courteous. They did an amazing job! You can not tell that armoire was partially taken apart and put back together in my bedroom. It was a pleasure to use Z Brothers Furniture Service. I highly recommend them.”
-Karen Asen, Rye Brook, New York

“I recently moved, and my custom leather sectional did not fit down the stairs into my media room. I called Z Brothers Furniture Service on a Saturday and was pleasantly surprised they were able to send two technicians over that same day. The technicians were thoroughly professional and were able to dismantle my leather sectional, bring it downstairs, and reassemble it. My sectional looks great. This company is extremely professional and skilled, and I highly recommend them.”
-Christopher Carucci, Greenwich, Connecticut

I used to work at Shabby Chic in NYC and would always refer our customers to Z Brothers. When I finally was able to buy my very own couch I knew they were the guys to call. The beauty of the Shabby couches is their coziness and size — the size being too big to fit through my doorway. I also had another couch to be removed and dismantled so that I could leave it curbside for the garbage pickup. Short story long… Joe and his guys took great care to make sure it all ran smoothly. I decided to have the couch delivered to Z brothers and they meticulously handled the delivery and installation. They arrived exactly on time and my couch was sitting in my living room intact with no fuss. Joe and his guys are the people to rely on to handle this kind of service!! Dealing with Joe was a pleasure. He is attentive and customer caring all the way and his guys are professional and very courteous. They took all the stress out and put all the joy into having my big Shabby couch.
-All the best, Madelyn